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Task Force Management

In today’s world, there is a growing expectation from both a citizen and officer perspective that everything can “be mobile”. Police officers need to spend more time on-site doing their jobs; creating safer communities, and less time driving to the office and doing paperwork. Officers need a secure, anytime, anywhere, access to the data, information, and services they need. Softec Smart Patrol is the next-generation mobile technology for more effective policing. It redefines the way officers use information; making  them more effective in fighting crime and serving the public by enabling real-time, two-way access to information of better quality and in multiple formats (for example, photo, voice, text, and video). This innovative use of mobile technology empowers officers, increases their safety, optimizes ways of working together, and enables analytical outputs to be delivered directly to the officer’s patrol.

How it works ?

Softec Smart Patrol provides information and services to police officers over Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) that are mounted in police patrols. Using the Smart Patrol solution, officers can access real-time visibility into incidents and accidents, assigned tasks, and route information. They can utilize the GPS navigation feature to reach the reported cases faster, and upon arrival at a scene, officers can benefit of real-time note taking and sharing using the MDT keyboard or stylus, and access insights and mission critical data to help them take better, informative decisions. From an administration perspective, system administrators can manage the security of the police mobile data easily using Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities such as centrally-managed policy, role based security and management including device security, and remote wipe of device data.

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Assign full incident details to infield police

Audio/video note Taking & Reporting tools

Swift communication between field officers and the command center

Incident follow up, Statistics & Performance Measurements


  • View, filter, and search assigned incidents
  • Dispatch order push to staff
  • Incident monitoring and status tracking
  • Interactive maps that display accidents, live video streaming from street CCTV cameras, radars, and inspection points
  • GPS Navigation
  • Real-time text, audio, and video note taking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Report new incidents on-the-go
  • Report traffic infringement
  • Update assigned incidents
  • Request backup for support or additional units from other departments, such as Ambulance, Civil Defense, Explosives Units, Special Forces, …
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    • Trace and communicate with nearby units
    • Contact the Command & Control Room
    • Inquire about a vehicle or driver
    • Government-grade Device Security
    • Centralized, policy-based management of users, devices, applications, and data access
    • Protect data with encryption, remote device wipe, and rights management services
    • Control device access through modern sign-in features: Biometric, Multifactor Authentication, and Voice ID
    • Increased malware resistance by securing the boot process, Health validation, and Windows Defender
    • Proactively deploy software and security updates to all devices to maintain government standards


  • Faster Emergency Response Time
  • Better Incident Lifestyle Management
  • Increased officer safety
  • Efficient Performance Management
  • Utilization of Assets & Resources
  • Proactive Emergency Service Management
  • Enhanced Communication & Collaboration
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