National Ambulance, UAE

national ambulance
The National Ambulance of Abu Dhabi operation is powered by the ALTAIR CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) and FMS (Fleet Management System). All incidents are managed on the Altair Platform, starting from call taking, CBD (criteria-based automatic selection of nearest available vehicle), orders sent to driver’s on-board mounted tablets, and the entire incident life cycle and performance are being tracked. The platform ensures full automation of the dispatching work flow as well as fleet and medical asset management.
The objective was to streamline the emergency response process, organize call taking, ensure swift handling of incidents with minimum response and automation of “best-option” selection of vehicles, driver dispatch, and to track, monitor and control the response work flow for emergencies and scheduled services.
Softec International’s Altair CAD system was deployed on the command center to streamline and automate the incident life cycle from call taking, medical information gathering, criteria-based dispatching and mobility-based follow-up of first response units (integrated with ePR), performance management, business intelligence, fleet management, and patient transfer booking and scheduling.  More



The Impact

-  Positive contribution to life savings and premedical care
-  Significant improvement of emergency response times
-  Automation of incident lifecycle (call taking, dispatching, tracking)
-  Enhancement of first response emergency services to citizens
-  Standardization, control and enhancement of service quality
-  Effective and optimized utilization of ambulance assets & resources