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Enterprise Performance Management System

Softec Enterprise Performance Management System is a smart platform that enables public safety authorities to plan and execute performance management strategies and achieve their excellence vision, which ultimately improves the quality of public safety services provided to the citizens. The system aims at providing an end to end, automated performance and excellence management platform for the senior management and corporate excellence teams of a public safety authority to be able to plan performance improvement initiatives and identify the procedures through which performance of employees is evaluated in comparison with the main objectives of the authority’s excellence vision. This is to be achieved by offering systematic identification and configuration of performance criteria, key performance indicators (KPIs), performance tracking operations, feedback processes, corrective actions execution, and the ongoing, real-time monitoring of all these activities to support top management with the insights necessary to making informative decisions.
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How it works ?

Softec EPM goes beyond providing a system to automate business processes; our promise is to participate in achieving the excellence vision of public safety authorities by providing the technology enablers that will truly transform the organization, support the operations, help the stakeholders realize their full potential, and direct every employee towards alignment with the authority’s strategic objectives that are related to excellence in performance and outcomes.
PS - Performance Management- smalFrom performance planning and measurement to surveys and evidence management, the system is utilized by public safety authorities as the one-stop shop for executing any processes related to both enterprise performance and corporate excellence, all within a user-friendly interface that can be accessed from an Intranet Portal, in addition to a Mobile Application, Mobile Portal, and an extended view of the system (extranet) to the authority’s partners.


    • Automate the full cycle of activities related to performance management in a manner that serves the need for systematic control of process improvement and performance management, as well as the need for compliance with the government’s vision for Excellence in Public Safety Services.
    • Empower every employee with state-of-the-art tools that keep him/her aware of the individual performance management criteria, the relation between his/her own performance and the strategic objectives of the authority, the evidence required to prove the performance level, all within a powerful platform that makes it easy to store and access important business data that’s related to performance operations.
    • Support the decision making process by offering a comprehensive reports and dashboards module to enable access to accurate, up to date, complete performance evaluation reports, criteria score, and assessment reports in order to take timely, informative decisions to set corrective plans and recognize successful individuals and departments.
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The process aims at establishing a clear alignment between the strategic goals that should be achieved to comply with public safety excellence vision on one hand and the performance management operations on the other. Setting the objectives by senior management and corporate excellence team within a public safety authority and cascading them down the management chain through all the levels of employees helps the entire team realize their role in providing excellent public safety services to the citizens, and keeps them aligned with the vision of the top management prior to the actual assignment of KPIs and tasks.
    After setting the objectives and assigning the criteria to criteria owners (managers, department heads, or other employees), the criteria owners can assign employees to fulfill the criteria, sub-criteria, and KPIs. They can also own the KPIs on their own and become responsible of complying with them.
      • Meeting Management; this feature can be utilized at this process in order for criteria owners to organize meetings with employees to explain details of KPIs assignment.
    Upon receiving the task assignment notification, task owners can view their tasks in their workspace on the system. They will be able to utilize the following features:
    • Update the percentage completed of a task until closure
    • Close a task and upload relevant evidences
    • Add comments and attachments to be viewed by other members in the task assignment cycle
    • Return a task to the criteria owner to revise and correct any details
    • Collaborate with other employees to close the task by dynamically routing the workflow to other persons or delegating tasks to colleagues
the corporate excellence team can review the final scores achieved by employees, present them to the top management, take their feedback and recommendations and store them in the system. During review of the performance reports, the system supports taking corrective actions by showing the progress against original targets so that top management would be able to see any deviations between actual achievements and target scores. Top management can then agree on further improvement plans that can be published on the system in the same manner as the original plans will have been executed.
    The actual assignment of tasks to task owners in order to start the pursuit of the targeted level of performance. Task owners can be employees and managers inside the public safety authority, or the registered partners outside it. KPIs could be of one or more of the following types:
    • Strategic KPI
    • Division KPI
    • Departmental KPI
    • Section KPI
    • Employee Objectives KPI
During the process of fulfilling the tasks related to the KPIs, every manager and department head will be able to find a consolidated view of the overall progress (criteria master sheet) against the criteria assigned to their teams. At the time of reporting the KPIs score, managers and department heads get notified by the system to review the progress, add comments (if any) for criteria and task owners, then approve the final scoring.
    Whenever a task is closed by task owners, criteria owners get notified about it in order to view the closure details and take one of the following decisions
    • Approve task closure
    • Send the task back to the owner with comments
    • Upon approval of closed tasks, the progress gets reflected automatically in the criteria score based on the weight of the task and corresponding KPIs.
Based on the approved performance reports of employees and departments, managers will be able to nominate a person, team, or department for one or more of the awards given internally or by other public sector authorities.
When the corporate excellence team view the score achieved by the different departments and teams within the authority, they will be able to use the system to submit feedback either to recognize the achievements or to request further enhancements or more evidences to the performance reports.