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Altair Smart Metering
Utility MDM Solutions (Water, Gas, Electricity)


Altair MDM is a hardware-independent smart metering platform for utility companies, grid operators, suppliers, and service providers to enable remote monitoring and control of water, electricity and gas meters. The platform covers automatic remote meter readings, live data aggregation, events notifications and handlings, tariff management, consumer profile, business intelligence, load/device analysis, and real time alerts.
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How it works ?

  1. Remote monitoring and control of water, electricity and gas meters
  2. Consumption and meter level readings
  3. Data sent back to server
  4. Customer portal and billing
  5. Statistical analysis for performance measurements & forecasting

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    • Real-time remote meter reading
    • Outage management support
    • Regional / local tariffs and time zones
    • Consumer portal and mobile app
    • Demographic representation for assets and utility department
    • Data aggregation & Load profile analysis
    • Consumption monitoring
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Hardware-independent smart metering platform for utility support solutions for water, electricity and gas
Real-time remote load profiling and quality measurements, with enablement for remote load control and disconnection through a set of configurable business rules and thresholds settings.
    Resource Management,
    • Dynamic setup of Asset and Meter configuration
    • Support various Protocols
    • Business Rules , policy and Threshold configuration
    • Alarm Handling and remote control
    • User and staff configuration
    • Area management
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    Flexible & Easy-to-use Tariff Management
     Tariff Matrix tool for building structures for:
    • Tariff Profile
    • Consumption Category
    • Consumption Level
    With options for bulk uploading Tariff using Excel sheets for structures of Usage/Time of Use with Prepaid and post paid compatibility
    Report, Charts, Performance Indicators and Statistics
    • Asset Utilization Reporting
    • Data Analysis Tools
    • Activity Logs & Real-time notifications
    • Event-based reports
    • Performance, and Violations
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    Consumption Cost chart based on selected tariff and period
    • Per day
    • Per month
    • Per year
    • Customized period.
    Historical Bill records
    • Consumption
    • Billing Period
    • Meter Name
    • Total Cost
    • Customized period