Softec International is engaged in eNAV research project for Optimize Routing and Eco-driving

Softec International is engaged in eNAV research project for Optimize Routing and Eco-driving

eNAV at a glance

eNAV aims to provide low-cost smart solutions for fleet managers to facilitate efficient route choices and eco-driving that minimizes fuel consumption and carbon emissions related with the mobility of goods in the urban space. eNAV aims to support innovation in the Egyptian industry and to link the local industry with leading research institutions.

Project Overview

eNAV for optimize Routing and Navigation for Heavy Vehicles is a collaborate 2-year research project funded by Information Technology Industry Development Agency in Egypt (ITIDA) through Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) Program. The project is based on collaborate work supported by Softec International, German University in Cario (GUC), and Egyptian Ministry of Transportation to bring value to ICT Industry by fostering collaboration between industry and academia aiming at developing R&D based innovative products and services that promote sustainable development.

eNAV project aims to develop novel low-cost integrated, eco-routing and fleet management system including smart communication technologies.

Project Objectives

  • -  Development of innovative planning, route guidance and driver support system
  • -  Route optimization using adaptive algorithms for dynamic route guidance and schedule
  • -  Decreasing deterioration ratio on road and bridge
  • -  Development of an assessment model for evaluating driving behavior

The proposed system aims to provide an economically and green viable solution for road traffic


Project Consortium

  •  Information Technology Industry Development Agency in Egypt (ITIDA) – ITAC Program

itida logo

  • German University in Cairo (Lead Research Partner)


  • Softec International (Industrial Partner)


  • Egyptian Ministry of Transportation (Associate Partner)


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