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Altair FMS – Fleet Management Platform

The next generation intelligent fleet management and GPS tracking systems. It combines latest technologies with professional industry input.
Scalable Fleet Management
Upgrades conventional tracking systems and help the transformation to a fully advanced business-intelligent fleet management.
Covering all aspects of fleet management and provide business-intelligence for decision making capabilities and efficient management solutions for large and scalable operations.
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    Key Highlights:

    • Private Cloud-ready
    • Full Back End Control Panel
    • End-to-end fleet management system
    • Easy Data Entry and Setup
    • GPS Hardware Independent
    • Map-independent
    • Flexible to integrate with 3rd party systems,
    • Multi-lingual


GPS tracking and vehicle telematics

Maintenance management

Operations management and driver dispatching

Fleet cost management and ERP integration

Key Modules:

resource 2

^E7816EE89D6BAC15F259B80B36FD2DF6378CC730556CBA05E2^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAVL & GPS Tracking

Follow your vehicle positions live on the map and ensure that there is no extra mileage consumed for unnecessary routes. Find out where the vehicles stopped and how long/fast they were driving during certain times and actual routes against the scheduled. Make sure that drivers only use the vehicles for dispatched company operations.
Manage and control your fuel consumption and asset utilization. Measure your vehicles fuel expenses. Track the costs by measuring the history of consumption. Build ‘geofences’ on the map and receive alerts on entrance/exit or speed limit exceeding.
    • Quick Access via Vehicle Track Panel
    • Zoom into vehicle for details of last signal, coordinates & address, timestamp
    • Driver Details, Fuel & Sensors Data, Assigned Work Order, Speed Chart
    • Find nearest available vehicle to zone, address or another vehicle
    • Vehicle Condition, Odometer/mileage level, real-time sensor data, RPM/fuel level/temperature/….
    • Easy filters for quick search & access
    • Customizable Live Tracking Intervals
    • Speed & Temperature Charts
    • Vehicle Dashboard Items
    • Video Playback
    • Stop Location Details
    • Sensor Details
    • Detailed Trip Summary
    • Engine Status (Count + Time)

opration Operations Manager

Significant Improvement in Driver/Vehicle Dispatching
Easily and quickly plan for day, week or month trips with live overview on state and condition. Optimize operations and save costs by ensuring that smart and cost-effective scheduling in place. Manage drivers allocation and shifts.
    Fleet Dispatching & Scheduling
    • Real-time driver dispatching and fleet scheduling
    • Trip, task and delivery planning
    • Vehicle & Driver Shift Management – dynamically configurable
    • Highly visual user-friendly fleet and driver schedules
    • Route Optimization and Management
    • Support of ad hoc dispatching
    Operations Management
    • Vehicle cost centres, revenue & expenses
    • Work Order Printouts for Drivers
    • Vehicle status integrated calendar view– maintenance, idle, out of service, in operation
    • Shipment Weight & Capacity Management
    • GIS – Smart landmark / position creation on the fly
    • Compare planned routes against actuals
    Vehicle Load / Unload Management

maintenance Maintenance Manager

Keep your fleet up and running
    Easily plan, track and manage maintenance activities:
    • Preventive (scheduled) Maintenance Activities on mileage/time or both with auto reminders
    • Corrective (unexpected) Needs for Repair and Accidents
    • Issuance and follow-up on Work Orders (Job Orders) to external suppliers or in-house workshops
    • Dynamic configuration and management of maintenance requirements & checklists
    • Track Maintenance Status and Activity Logs
    • Control Costs and Invoicing
    • Spare Parts Utilization

resource 2  Resource Management

    • Routes / Schedules
    • Jump to Monitoring module
    • Crew Structure Rules
    • Current Status
    • Maintenance quick statistics
    • Active Work Orders
    • Odometer/mileage, oil, fuel, battery, temperature
    • Live Location
    • Management Information
    • Violations and Alerts
    • Missions & Dispatching Orders
    • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Schedule & Status
    • Allocated zones (dynamic rules)
    • Tracking Unit information
    • Vehicle Master Files
    • Driver & Staff Management
    • Centralized Information Management

report2Reporting, Dashboards & Business Intelligence

    • Fleet Maintenance Summary
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Fleet Down Time Summary
    • Vehicles Maintenance Plan
    • Problems Types Down Times
    • Scheduled Maintenance Details
    • Vehicles Accidents Summary
    • Drivers Accidents Summary
    • Maintenance Centers Vehicles
    • Vehicles Repairs
    • Transporter Validity
    • Trips, Stops and Mileage
    • Active / idle time
    • Visited locations
    • Driver daily activity
    • Speeding and driver wrongdoing
    • Green driving (harsh break, acceleration, cornering)
    • Alert log and sensor reports
    • Speed / temperature / fuel / event charts
    • Fuel reports (Fuel sensor accuracy and functionality based on vehicle support and vehicle voltage output)
    • Fuel tank opening
    • SOS Panic
    • Door / Seatbelt / Event Sensors
    • Geofence, out-of-route reports
    • Zone entry/exit
    • Attendance
    • Route planned-actual comparison
    • Fleet utilization
    • Distance, trips and stop
    • Work orders
    • Monthly destination based
    • Driver bonus
    • Deviation reports (distance violations, plan-actual comparisons)
    • Route violation
    • Transporter distance violation
    • Daily work performance
    • Gasoline vehicles fuel consumption
    • Diesel vehicles fuel consumption
    • Gas vehicles fuel consumption
    • Total fuel consumption and distance
    • Monthly destination reports
    • Commodity transported
    • Commodity, shipment and delivery
    • Money exchange

^AAB38C87A9294E203E0D52D67C171C77CA4C0D94F7F24553F8^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Extras & Add-ons

Altair CM360 Plug-in
Integration with Field Force Automation & Mobility
Altair Smart Dispatching
Centralized Dispatching and Scheduling controlled by operations agents


    • Improved utilization & efficiency
    • Cost Control
    • Vertical intelligent
    • Green operations
    • Safe & economic driving
    • Routes & Schedules Optimization
    • Improved maintenance process
    • Real-time overview
    • Performance measurements & dashboards
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Government Operations Management and Driver Dispatching

The Operations Management Module covers fleet scheduling, route management and driver dispatching. Optionally the module can be linked to a call center and automatically select nearest available vehicles for specific schedules. This can be directly integrated with an on-board driver tablet or screen through which driver receives, acknowledges and manages the job order.

Mobile App Access


Modern Windows App Access

Modern Windows 8.1 touch-screen app enabling easy and quick access to a selection of fleet management functions with a very appealing user interface.




Specialized Editions

Government Edition – Advanced Fleet Management



Personal Edition – Consumer Vehicle Telematics